You are Mighty!

I once heard a podcaster discussing how she puts her kids to bed at night. With the hope of sending them off to sleep with joy and peace, confidence in their Maker and His care for them she says the same thing to each child every night: You are mighty. 

As we raise boys who will grow up to be men I’ve been thinking a lot about bravery and manners, grace and compassion. Challenged by another friend to speak life over my children, I also send them off to dreamland with a bedtime routine. “You are a mighty boy because Jesus is mighty in you” I say to each little burrito snuggled under his covers. 

This morning as I do my devotions under a sky that turns from inky black to cotton candy pink, that quote means even more to me. “Beloved, you are meant to be mighty.” As Beth Moore articulates “God is looking to raise up mighty servants he can loose all over the globe with the gospel of Jesus.” We have many tasks, friends, but we have one goal: to serve a Maker who has given us a mighty calling. We are made to be mighty because the Spirit of the Living God courses through every artery in our body and is each and every heartbeat. You are mighty, believe it, breathe it in and live it out. 


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