Why Me?

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by our sweet friend Cheryl.  She is a mighty woman of God, a deep and grace-filled soul and the most hospitable friend I’ve ever met. ]


Why is this happening to me? Why this? Why now?

Good question, my friend.  I may not know the answer to your “Why?”, but I know it’s totally okay to ask it.  Even Jesus – our dear brother. our innocent Lamb. our fearless Lion. our true King. our Savior. even He asked “Why?” – the cry of a bleeding heart screaming out against a broken world that cuts so deep and hurts so much.

None of us, not even the blessed son of God, are exempt from suffering.  It is going to happen to us, and to our friends, and we need to prepare our hearts for the battle.

We can be the Aarons and Hurs to our loved ones – hands that hold their arms up when the fatigued has settled in deep.

We can be the Elihu’s that remind each other that even in our suffering, especially in our suffering, we serve a MIGHTY GOD who is infinitely more than we can imagine, who is unsurpassable in power and justice, who treats no one unfairly.   Worship HIM through the pain.

We can be Elijah’s who pray bold prayers for our people.  When the drought has been too severe, we pray for rain in such unwavering faith that it delights our Father to answer with showers of relief.

In the moments of suffering we do not need our friends guessing at solutions.  We need one another’s presence – the steady hand, the willingness to take a seat beside us, the reminder to keep our focus on higher things, the bold prayers.  We are so busy trying to problem solve our loved ones out of the pits of pain that we fail to do the only thing we can do – sit in the damn hole with them.

let God do His thing. and while He is working, let our loved ones know we are ALL IN for our people.  And may they be there for us when it’s our turn.


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