What I Learned From Getting Fired From My Job

What I Learned From Getting Fired

Last September I was fired from my full-time job. It was for a myriad of reasons including my own health, as well as that I just wasn’t a good for the position for which I was hired.  We parted on good terms and I’m excited for all that company is doing for committing to helping women get organized, achieve goals, and more. I learned many things since that time and today I want to share with you three things I’ve learned from getting fired from my job. I tell you this in hopes that you can learn from my mistakes, my hopes, and my changes.

It’s been almost six months and I’ve had a lot of time to work through my thoughts.  I had never been let go from a job before and though it stung, I agree it was the right decision. I’ve learned about myself, my goals and my time in the past six months and how all those things work together to help me grow, be with my family and utilize my talents and time in commitments to church, friends and family.

Here are three things I’ve learned from getting fired from my job.

  1. Balance is a lie. 

In the interim months since working full time I’ve considered what I did right, what I did wrong, what worked, what didn’t.  At the time I was one of few staff members who had young kids (I think mine were the youngest).  I didn’t give myself enough credit for trying to manage a family, a home and a full time job.  All of those in and of themselves are full time jobs and trying to merge all 3 left me tired and not doing any of the jobs well.  What I took away from that is this: balance is a lie.

One thing my boss taught me was to be 100% in on what you are doing right then. Do that thing and only that thing and then move on to the next thing.  There is no such thing as balance. Be all in 100% with the thing you are doing and when it’s done let it go.   When you’re with your family, be all in.  Don’t be on your phone checking emails or responding to messages.  Similarly, when at work put your phone away and focus on your task.  There’s no way to be amazing at everything all the time.  Give yourself grace and realize there is only one you and you can only accomplish one thing at a time.

          2. Determine what is most important in your life.

Being let go from a job was weird. It hurt to admit to even my own family that I had been fired. Yet it also taught me a lot about myself. I reassessed what was most important to me and what I could let go. I gave myself permission to let go of the things I wanted to and move past them.  During my time of assessment on what was most important, I focused on my family.  I read some inspiring books on love and discipline, listened to great podcasts about organization and found a new blogger whom I admire.  I created a family mission statement, nailed down a few family verses for group memorization, implemented a morning time with my boys and restructured our budget to give more, and be better stewards of our income.

Determining what is most important in your life doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only thing on which you focus.  It just means that you refer back to it continually as you move forward in life, create new tasks, achieve new milestones, etc.

          3.Learn from your mistakes

This was huge for me.  I spent pretty much the entire six months learning about myself.  After being fired I realized I had some pretty apparent weaknesses. I needed to communicate better and more. I needed to actually share what was in my heart and head , not just assume the other person thought exactly like me and could read my mind. I also needed to learn more in areas I was lacking. I’ve also been one to try new things but I parlayed this trait into learning more about business, honing my design skills, and more. I became (and am daily becoming) more self disciplined and implemented better routines for my daily life. Getting fired was a turning point for me.  I challenged myself to not be defined by this but instead to see the positives!  And it worked!

So now let’s talk about you. Have you ever been fired? What did you learn from it?  What advice can you give others?


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