Slow, Durable, Beautiful

This weekend, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to grow and change by what I’ve learned at She Speaks. Our very first keynote speaker was Shauna Niequist, one of our favorite communicators. (You can find some of our posts here, here and here).

Shauna challenged us to craft a life, the only one God has given us, that is slow durable and beautiful. But that is not normally how we live life. No, ours is one of fast, flashy and fake. What does that show to our family, our workplace, our churchy community and our neighborhoods? Our lives should become one that is beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. For it is only in the silence and the rest that we hear Gods voice and are able to block out the noise of others.

We must have a whole life and God’s unconditional love is the safest life in which we find ourselves.

What is the size and dimension and weight of life in your season now? The love we are looking for is not something we can calculate. Instead it has been there all along, the very spirit of God himself breathing life into our lungs and soul. It’s easy to build an image of a life that does not actually exist, a highlight reel of sorts that makes it seem like we are put together, the best version of ourselves. But we are real and messy and community is often scary, lonely and hard. Gathering round a table and eating together yields full bellies, tears and the gut-laughter of the mingling of souls. 

Shauna ended with this key thought-the most important thing in life is one that the others never see. God has made us to live and build a slow durable and beautiful life, to speak and talk in our own skin. He has made us to raise authentic and brave generations. He has created us with the spirit of Himself, in his image and our lives- the ones that we are cultivating around our table and home- pay homage to that.


2 thoughts on “Slow, Durable, Beautiful

  1. Hi Amanda and Laura! Sounds like a great conference. Love the challenge to be authentic, it’s so tempting to present the best side of ourselves, but that’s not relatable.

  2. Christina,
    You’re so right! Authenticity is extremely important, especially in the blogging and social media world when it’s easy to put on a front with the images and content we post. Relatability (is that a word?!) is what we’re going for, thanks for your thoughts!

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