How I use Trello To organize my entire life

My #1 BEST Tip for Organization

I have only one thing I do each day to stay organized.  This is a tool I used in my last job and it has prove to be extremely beneficial in all my work since then.  I not only use this for meal planning, church committees, home renovations, but my husband and I also each use it for work. My number one BEST tip for organization:  Trello.

How I use Trello To organize my entire life

I’m not by nature a typically organized person.  Yet this visual layout is perfect for my designer’s mind!  Trello is like a to-do list but organized in the most effective way!

My husband and I share a few team boards such as Daily Life, Home Repairs, etc.  I’ve also got boards for Hampton and Co., and for my small business.

my #1 best tip for organization: trello


Each board opens up to feature your “cards”. I’ve got mine organized in columns of to-do, tending (some call this the “Weekly Sprint”) and completed.  I set up every single one of my boards the same way. The tending board is what I work on each week and usually only has a few items on it so that each of those items are top priority and what I MUST get done that week!

how i organize my business with Trelllo

Within each card you can add a label (all the colored bars you see), due dates, comments and more.  Additionally, Trello integrates with a number of add-ons including Punchtime which is one of my favorite apps for time-tracking (super useful for independent contractors and freelancers!).  The team-sharing aspect really comes into play here because team members can move individual cards around depending on what is top priority.  You can also add comments and attachments. When a team member moves or updates something on your board, you are notified with a little circle icon on the top right of that board.

I do still use a bullet journal for notes on the go.  But whenever I have a spare second I can either update that information on my Trello board on my computer or use the app on my phone to add cards, due dates and more.  The Trello app on my phone syncs automatically with Trello in my browser so I’m never second-guessing if my information is up to date.

How I use Trello To organize my entire life o

In order to be most effective and stay organized, I check my Trello boards on a regular basis.  I usually check it from my phone during our each morning before I get out of bed.  I also have it open in a browser tab throughout the day so I can access it and add items quickly.  Finally I check it at night before going to bed (again on my phone) to determine if I missed anything that needed to be done and to move over to my completed board anything that I had completed.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the most organized.  But Trello has allowed me to stay on top of my tasks and to keep up with my workflow and prioritize what is most important each week.  This has allowed me to focus on other tasks, projects or down time during the day because I know exactly what I’m doing each day and when it’s completed, I’m done. Trello’s visual layout helps me keep all my tasks in order and also makes sense to my artist’s brain.  I cannot say enough great things about this app! Whether you’re just getting started in the adoption process, keeping track of mail to send, paperwork to agencies, or finalizing medical records, Trello is the perfect way to organize your to-do list! Life can be messy, but with Trello your to-do list doesn’t have to be!

How about you, what do you use to organize your life? What is your #1 best tip for organization? Share below in the comments.

*Note: I am in no way affiliated with Trello. I didn’t get paid to write this post nor did I receive any type of sponsorship or compensation. I just love this tool and want to tell everyone about it.


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