The Logistics of the Morning Blessing-our favorite devotions and timing!

Coming Home: The Morning Blessing Logistics-Part 2

[Editor’s Note: This is the part 2 of the second post in a series entitled “Coming Home”. This series focuses loosely on the home and all that goes into creating a redemptive, Christ-filled space.]

The Logistics of the Morning Blessing-our favorite devotions and timing!

Here’s a couple more thoughts on the logistics of the morning blessing. Below are some thoughts for nursing moms, prayers for your day, and the grace that goes along with the morning blessing. Enjoy!

-I’ve read so many articles about how important it is to wake up before your kids. At this season of my life, that’s impossible for me. So I wake up along with them, or a few minutes before. It may make things a little more chaotic (I don’t shower until later in the day, and sometimes forget to brush my teeth) but this is what works for us right now.

-I pray every night before I go to bed and right when I wake up for God to infuse me with patience and strength. I’m an introverted momma with an extremely extroverted preschooler and a toddler with a very loud yell. By the end of the day my introverted self is worn slam out from all the noise and I need as much Holy Spirit help as I can get.

-It helps so much to have a plan for the next day. Every night before I go to sleep I check the weather, consider what I’ve got going for breakfast (more thoughts coming soon on breakfast prep!) and plan one activity to accomplish. That activity may be something as simple as playing outside or painting, or a craft, but it helps me so much to have it set in my mind so my days aren’t aimless. I’ve found this not only helps direct me and give me purpose, but it keeps our day flowing and my kids (and me!) not flipping out.

-I mentioned above that my kids are early risers and that I wake up with them. This has drawn out of us being in survival mode the past year as we learn life with two kids. My kids didn’t sleep through the night until literally a month ago (and it’s still not uncommon for them to wake up) and I was nursing my youngest until February, so I was up at all hours. By having a set plan in place, I was able to get a few extra minutes of precious sleep.

-I’ve just started getting into the habit of daily devotions (more on this later!). I love these daily/monthly adorations by Sara Hagerty, they’re short and sweet. You’ve probably seen me post my response to them on Instagram. I also do studies from the Bible app (YouVersion) on my phone. During Advent, I did this study  and at Lent, I love anything by Edie at Life In Grace Blog. Currently I’m working through this study by Sally Clarkson.

-Don’t take this as the only thing to do! Find what works for you. I’ve found, after the worst year of my life, that this routine works best for us. It’s all about perspective and the morning blessing can easily turn into a lunch blessing or an evening benediction (although, like I said for us those are separate things). Show yourself and others some grace.

How does a Morning Blessing work? Plans, Preparation, and the doxology-it's a mashup of praise, devotion and daily life.


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