Church Pew Makeover


Right when you walk in our house there is a long wall on your left side that spans the great room. When we first looked at the house, Shaun had the idea to put a long bench or pew there that could serve as a “put your shoes on” kind of area as well as extra seating if we ever host a crowd. I loved this idea so much so I scoured the internet. Unfortunately to find an old, in good condition, sturdy, 8 ft. or under church pew was quite a feat, especially with my budget. After months of searching we found this gem on Craigslist, so my wonderful hubs left one morning around 6 am and went to pick up this pew.

fullsizerender_1 fullsizerender

These pictures are dark because we don’t start projects until post 8:30 pm baby bedtime these days 😉 Because the pew was a bright cross between Pepto Bismol and coral reef, we opted to paint it.

In choosing paint, there are so many options and it can be overwhelming. I heard great things about General Finishes Milk Paint, and they offered to send me some of the ‘Snow White’ to try out! The great thing about milk paint for a project like this is that you don’t have to sand down all the layers of bright pink, which could take an eternity. We applied several coats of the milk paint over the course of a Friday night movie (each coat dries very quickly) and then applied their satin top coat.

fullsizerender_1 img_3773 img_3766Shaun hung an old door (found by my roomies and I during the college days) and added lots of hooks for all of our gear. With a few baskets for shoes underneath, we will be in business! 

We thought the General Finishes milk paint was so easy to use and turned out beautifully! I am thinking about snatching one of the other 26 colors for our bathroom vanity.



The post was sponsored by General Finishes. All opinions are my own.


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