Coming Home: The Evening Benediction

[Editor’s Note: This is the third post in a series entitled “Coming Home”. This series focuses loosely on the home and all that goes into creating a redemptive, Christ-filled space.] We’ve talked before about how mornings work in our family. We also do an evening benediction at bedtime, although really it’s just a part of our bedtime […]


Rest, child.

Although I don’t have any kids of my own, I’ve done enough babysitting, nannying, and nephew-observing for the last decade to know when the babes reach the sleep threshold. This is the moment when they have far surpassed bed time and due to varying circumstances are so sleep-deprived that they’ve gone a bit nutty. It’s […]

Nothing Left

 Each season of our life, in some way, depletes us. Whether it be time simply passing, or finances, overcommitments, or the daily, ordinary acts of service, we find ourselves on the other side with nothing left. But we remember. We remember the Garden and a God who created humanity simply because of love. We remember […]