On Eden and Earth Day

My kids love running around naked outside. Despite my best efforts to clothe them, shirts and shorts are always flying especially now that the weather is getting warmer. Something inside them entreats them to get back to the way things used to be, to return to the relationship for which our hearts are always longing.  Often unrecognizable except […]

DIY All- Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent from Hampton and Co.

DIY Laundry Detergent

We posted a few weeks ago about our amazing liquid laundry detergent.  Both of us use this recipe in our homes and absolutely love it. It lasts forever, is super cheap to make, and great for people with sensitive skin. And those bottles in the picture above? That’s not even all of them! And I […]

Caprese Bruschetta

We’ve already had so many warm days this Spring which makes me so excited for summer produce and fresh flavors. Caprese Bruschetta is a light summery dish that we pair with a salad and call a meal. We ate this on our back porch for our second ever al fresco dinner at the new house. I’m thinking that this […]

Waiting for Spring

Even down here in the south, the air has turned frigid and we can’t seem to get warmed up. With a 70 degree Christmas, I decided we would skip the winter and usher in sunshine and warmer temps. It didn’t happen and just as quickly as that 70 degree weather surprised us, it left again, leaving […]

The Need For Grace

[via] Do we celebrate God’s grace, or are we scandalized? The grace of God turns out to be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Jesus is socially disruptive; his radical grace disrupts social situations. -Tim Chester, A Meal With Jesus

Summer Bucket List

I’m getting so excited for summer this year. There are quite a few things we plan to cross of our list by the time the air gets a little cooler.   Do: We love going on hikes in the dead of summer. Find a shady path or a more open one to get a little […]

Welcome Spring!

It’s safe to say that everyone in the eastern half of the United States is thrilled about the bits of sunshine and warmth we’re enjoying lately. After #eternalwinter filled our sidewalks and hearts with heaps of ice and freezing temps, it seems that we’re finally starting to thaw out. Welcome Spring, you took way too […]