Slow, Durable, Beautiful

This weekend, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to grow and change by what I’ve learned at She Speaks. Our very first keynote speaker was Shauna Niequist, one of our favorite communicators. (You can find some of our posts here, here and here). Shauna challenged us to craft a life, the only one God […]


Four: God With Us

In every year of my marriage I have learned something new. There was love, grace, and this past year: God with us. Last year around this time I found out I was pregnant with our second child and we chose the name Jarrett Emmanuel. Little did we know the impact that name would have on our family. “God […]

They move past their own pain and experiences to pour joy and stability into the lives of others. They embody servant hood and selflessness in their care of family and friends.

Generation Changers

There are men and women who are braver than most. They walk where family before them could not trod, changing habits and circumstances. They are hard working, putting in long hours and late nights to provide for their families. Sometimes even working two or three jobs at a time. They are artists, salesmen, fixer-uppers, jokesters, […]

What Church Looks Like

We spent the weekend in Asheville celebrating the wedding of our brother to his very best friend. They got married on Sunday and that morning we attended church in our cabin living room with our family and friends-that-are-just-like-family.   Sometimes church looks like sitting around a coffee table taking the Lord’s Supper off paper plates and […]


Three years of trust, grace, and words of admiration. Three years of whispered arguments in the middle of the night, of long hikes and remembering why we choose to love each other in the first place.  Three years of learning each other better, and working as allies.  Three years of struggle, of mess, and of broken people. […]