Waiting for Provision

I’ve been pondering the story of Abraham and Isaac lately. I considered how God could ever ask such a thing if Abraham, and if he would ever ask it of me. We know that God provided a sacrifice instead of Isaac, exemplifying Jesus many years later. But what if God asks a sacrifice of me […]


Thankful {Lately}

Lately I am thankful for… A happy baby in the afternoon. Handmade gifts from friends far away. Celebration chocolate croissants because baby slept the longest stretch yet. Furrowed brows for days. Oh yeah, we had a baby (and I haven’t written in 10 years)! Isaiah Robert Liszt June 29, 2016 7 lbs. 11 ounces // 20 […]

A Birth Story

Birth stories are absolutely fascinating to me.  I cry every single time.  There’s something about that miracle that never ceases to amaze me. So many feelings surround that time and space and it’s such an emotional roller coaster.  The births of my two kids were a little different.  I had each of them at 37 […]