The importance of family meals. 5 questions for keeping the conversation going during family dinners. a blog post by hampton and company

3 Questions To Ask Around The Table

Do you ever have this scenario? Spend an hour in the kitchen creating dinner (or any other meal), trying to allow little hands to both help AND not burn themselves warranting a trip to the hospital. There’s a lot of flinging of olive oil, veggies on the floor and falling off stools. And then it all appears […]


Learning Adoption Together

A couple of years ago when we started talking adoption, I knew that we had a lot to learn about the process, the language, the politics, laws etc. I started immersing myself in various resources: literature and research, current events, and talking with and meeting adoptees and adoptive parents. I learned so quickly that it is […]

The Cost of Adoption

Adoption is an enormous investment and the cost in a lot of cases is very high. People ask often how much adoption costs. Here’s the short answer: The home study, the background checks (federal and state), constant prayers, the mailing and faxing and shipping, the tears, the profile books, the application fees, the worry, the legal […]