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Hi We’re Amanda and Laura. We share this space on the internet and hope you will, too. Here you’ll find musings on raising toddlers, forgiveness, navigating newlywed life, hope’s cleansing power, and the occasional recipe for snacks.

We love snacks.
 We share clothes and books, recipes and ideas; but we weren’t always this close-it was touch and go for awhile in high school. For the past five years, we’ve lived apart but now we both make our homes in North Carolina.
We’re not perfect- our lives are busy and messy and we definitely don’t have our crap together. While we want to showcase some of our favorite things, please realize this space is not a highlight reel. We strive to be authentic and open and hope in return you will be too. It’s scary to be vulnerable on the internet but we believe vulnerability is key to any good relationship.
Don’t know where to start? Here’s the first post we ever wrote.  We’ve been to Charleston, Italy, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and more. Check out some of our travel posts here. Looking for recipes? This one is a perfect summer side dish. Or try these for dinner and dessert.
We love to read! Check out some of our favorite books. 
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