Why Me?

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by our sweet friend Cheryl.  She is a mighty woman of God, a deep and grace-filled soul and the most hospitable friend I’ve ever met. ]   Why is this happening to me? Why this? Why now? Good question, my friend.  I may not know the answer to your “Why?”, but […]


You are Mighty!

I once heard a podcaster discussing how she puts her kids to bed at night. With the hope of sending them off to sleep with joy and peace, confidence in their Maker and His care for them she says the same thing to each child every night: You are mighty.  As we raise boys who […]

Learning Adoption Together

A couple of years ago when we started talking adoption, I knew that we had a lot to learn about the process, the language, the politics, laws etc. I started immersing myself in various resources: literature and research, current events, and talking with and meeting adoptees and adoptive parents. I learned so quickly that it is […]

On Meteors and Jesus 

I have very fond memories of my childhood. Though we didn’t always agree (hello teenage years) we were all close. My parents made our home a place we wanted to be at, a place to bring your friends. It was always a place of discussion, of openness, acceptance. They were never afraid to let us […]

5 Amazing Kale Recipes

Every single grocery store I visit has kale in some form or fashion: chopped kale, frozen kale, kale straight from the farm, bagged kale, kale mixed with other lettuces-there are so many possibilities! Kale is so trendy right now.  Below we’ve listed 5 amazing kale recipes.  We’ve got kale for breakfast, kale for lunch and […]