How I use Trello To organize my entire life

My #1 BEST Tip for Organization

I have only one thing I do each day to stay organized.  This is a tool I used in my last job and it has prove to be extremely beneficial in all my work since then.  I not only use this for meal planning, church committees, home renovations, but my husband and I also each use it […]


Weekend Round-Up

  There are so many good things on the world wide web this week and we don’t want you to miss them! Here’s our top three favorite things this past week. This Heirloom tomatoes print by Lindsay Shernbody of Lindsay Letters. She has a ton of different printables for only $10. The printables are delivered […]

Waiting for Provision

I’ve been pondering the story of Abraham and Isaac lately. I considered how God could ever ask such a thing if Abraham, and if he would ever ask it of me. We know that God provided a sacrifice instead of Isaac, exemplifying Jesus many years later. But what if God asks a sacrifice of me […]

Why Me?

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by our sweet friend Cheryl.  She is a mighty woman of God, a deep and grace-filled soul and the most hospitable friend I’ve ever met. ]   Why is this happening to me? Why this? Why now? Good question, my friend.  I may not know the answer to your “Why?”, but […]

You are Mighty!

I once heard a podcaster discussing how she puts her kids to bed at night. With the hope of sending them off to sleep with joy and peace, confidence in their Maker and His care for them she says the same thing to each child every night: You are mighty.  As we raise boys who […]